Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neater Backs on Cross Stitch   
I saw in one of my YahooGroups about having a neater back to cross stitch.  I know that there are a few ways to make the back look more like the front and to be neater.  For those who are familiar with plastic canvas you will recognize the first stitch.  One way is to do the first half of your cross stitches like normal. Then on the way back through to finish the stitch us a continental stitch.

Another way is to try reversible cross stitching. It isn't as complicated as you think.  When you begin you work the first part of the stitch like normal BUT to skip the next stitch. Basically you do one skip one.  When you get to the end of that row - work back and finish the stitches. When back to the beginning start the next row putting the stitches above/below the skipped spaces (like a checker board) Repeating the process. To fill in the 'blank' spaces just start over from the beginning. 

I have found that using these methods use at least double and sometime triple the amount you would use if you did a regular cross stitch and had a messy back. 

I hope that this helps

Happy Stitching.

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