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I like to thing that prepping is an art.  You have to be creative in what you store and what you fix with them.

I don't believe that the world is going to end, BUT given the economic climate I am preparing for a drop in wages.  The Old Man drives truck so his weekly income is always different.  On this page I will post recipes that I have found or have created using 'normal' ingredients. As well as how I store my food.

By normal I mean that I don't store buckets of wheat - I store flour.
I don't store freeze dried items - I dehydrate my own veggies or can my own meat.
I am hoping to start growing more of my own items. The property that we bought has pear trees and blackberries.


10# Dehydrated Corn
6# Dehydrated Mix Veg
15# Dehydrated Potato Cubes
10# Dehydrated Hash Browns
6# Dehydrated Gumbo Mix
4# Dehydrated Soup Veg

25# Rice
30# Pasta
1# Quinoa

5 Qt. - Stew meat (1.2#)
15 Jelly Jar - Sausage (.5#)
3 Pt. - Bacon (.5#)
5 Pt. - Pork (~1#)
4 Qt. - Pork (1.5#)
2 Pt. - Meatballs
1 Pt. - Beef Broth
4 Qt. - Chicken
3 Qt. - Chicken Stock

20 Gal - Water
40  64oz - 100% Juice

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