Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Present Update

I will not be posting exactly what I am making but I will let you know how things are progressing. I will post photos of all things that I have done after Christmas.

Lil'Bits' Blanket (see can't read so I think I am safe)  about 1/2 way done with piecing the blocks for the top of her quilt.  Also if I can finish my Oldest UFO she will get that so she can learn her numbers.

My Wonderful BF. I haven't really worked on his this week...sorry honey.  I have made so many pieces for it but not quite enough.  Im only about half way through.

My Mom - I cast on to her's last night and it is coming along.  maybe 2-3 more nights and it will be done. It is a really easy pattern to follow.

Bri - Worked on her gift - All I can say is that Im going color blind from the BRIGHT yellow.   I have about 1/4 of her gift complete. 

Sis's - (My own design) is coming along ok.  It is my first attempt designing lace so I hope that it turns out ok.  Wish me Luck.

Dad just want me to make him a German Chocolate cake from scratch so that is one thing that I don't have to worry about until Christmas Eve Wahoo!

Holly, Robbie, Justin, Josh, Stormy,  - Have what I need just haven't started.  Time is coming soon I will have to sit down and start.

Bob - His was complete this week.  Just going to wait to wash it when everything is ready and have a Blocking day.  I really dont like to block things So I normally just put it off till the last moment.
I Have 14 other people that I haven't even figured out what to do. Ugh!!

Happy Stitching.

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