Afghan Sampler - CAL *NEW*

Starting on Monday January 2, 2012 I will start posting lines for my Afghan Sampler.  This is a SCRAP buster!!!.  You can use any color(s) that you want.  This is a LONG CAL.   The lines will be posted on this page.  :)

There will be a contest - You submit your finished pictures and visitors vote on their favorite.  

Stiches you will use:
SC - single crochet
HDC - half double crochet
DC - double crochet
TR - Treble (triple) crochet
DTR - Double Treble crochet
FTP - Front Post Crochet
BTP - Back Post Crochet.

Material Needed:

At least 60-80 oz of yarn (ww)
Hooks G-K
Stitch Markers (optional)
An 18 Gal tote (optional - to put pieces in when finished)

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