Friday, November 11, 2011

My progress on my Oldest UFO SAL

I haven't really worked on 'Count on It' my oldest UFO.  As you can see, I have only done the first half of the stitch.  When I have time to sit down I take the time to do as much as I can.  That way when I only have a few minutes I can just finish the stitch.   I went to the craft store and they were out of 2 of my floss colors.   So I will just keep going on skipping they colors that I dont have. Hopefully they will get my colors in.  I have tried the thrift shop but I just cant seem to find floss - I can find yarn and fabric but not what I want.

Happy Stitching

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  1. When my oldest nephew was borned almost 32 years ago, I made a counted cross stitch of ABC's. Each letter had letter had an object that started with that A-apple, d-duck, c-clown, y-yarn, etc. All of the letters were either striped, polka dots, etc. no solid color letters or objects. I ended keeping the picture myself after putting all of that work in it. I also made each of the nephews (3) about a 15" Victorian style picture Christmas stocking in counted cross stitch. We kept them at my mother's house. Let me know what color floss you need and I will see if I can find it and I will mail it to you.