Friday, November 4, 2011

A busy couple days....

The General
Sorry for not posting last night.  For some reason it would not let me publish.  Technology…who knows why.  After a week of birthdays for Lil’Bit - multiple family members that don’t get along-  we are worn out. We have one more planned for Saturday, then it’s 361 more days till she has another round on birthdays.   I probably will not get much crafting done tomorrow.  I  know that it is getting closer and closer to Christmas. The holiday crafting is in its count down.  Anyway yesterday and today I have worked on : 

“The General” from For the Love of Cross Stitch 

Woven Indian Dishcloth from the Yahoo Group - Cloth of the Week. 

Computer Bag –I just keep working on the big sides. I will have a pattern available once it is complete.

“Count on It” Cross Stitch Quick & Easy - my Oldest UFO – SAL.  Is now on the frame I wasn’t able to get the wrinkles all out, but it will work.   I think that I stopped working on it because I was using the wrong floss.  It has been a LONG LONG time since I did anything with it so I don’t remember. 

I am also working on a few Barbie clothes and items. I am hoping to have some done and the designs up on the site by Tuesday October 8, 2011.  

Started working on my Sister’s Christmas present (original design) 

Boyfriends blanket is coming along GREAT! I like the colors he picked… RED, WHITE, & BLUE.  I’m still trying to figure out how big to make it-full or queen.  He drives truck so I want to make sure he is warm during the winter and has enough to wrap up in.  What do you think - Full or Queen?
While searching the files in the Yahoo Group- Illusion Knitting. I found a dragonfly scarf that I like.  I think I have an aqua/teal and black wool in my stash that will work out beautiful.  I’m thinking Christmas to myself.
I know there a KAL’s, CAL’s, & SAL’s  in my Yahoo Groups that have come out in the last couple weeks.  I’m going to most likely cast on this weekend.   Or at least line them up for starting.  I believe that I will retry the ‘Apple Cloth’ that Lil’Bit frogged for me. (SEE HERE)

Happy Stitching

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