Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Doll Sundress & Wrap

Today, I worked on small things using crochet. I made a fashion doll sundress with matching wrap. I used Bernat Sparkle in baby blue.   Lil'Bit is going to be into barbies soon figured I would start now. I remember having boxes of clothes.  I forgot how fun it is to work with small yarn - missing stitches and not making the stitches to tight a real pain to go thru later.  But I finished them and have another project completed.  

Lil'Bits costume is coming along GREAT.  There is a contest on Monday - Hoping she'll win or atleast place.

I tried uploading my picture for the day but it just didn't work.  Who knows, maybe its the rain.  I'll try again tomorrow. 

Happy Stitching

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