Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apple Cloth

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I started working on the Sept 2005 KAL - Apple from MCD.  I grabbed a skein that I had found at a yard sale. I believe it is and old Red Heart yarn.  It is close to a jockey red that I have in my stash, but it isn't quite the same.  I know from past experience that I have to knit with a needle about 2 sizes smaller that what is called for - for the stitches to POP out.  

I thought I would do a quick crochet project. I found a Newsboy Hat - Pattern #LW2375 on Red Heart.  I'm using SuperSaver - Black Fleck (4302).  I want something that will go with just about everything that I wear.

Im so excited Christmas is less than 60 days away... Now time to do so HEAVY DUTY present making.  I will not post the things that I will be making for everyone till AFTER Christmas.  But I will tell you that I 7 items to finish. Lil'Bit's teething seems to have waned - she is back to her old self.  YIPEE!!!....HOORAY!!!!

Happy Stitching.

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