Friday, December 2, 2011

What I have been doing lately..

I have been working hard on finishing the rest of the Christmas presents.  I have had to stop working on my yarn projects because of wrist strain.  :(  But I have been making jewelry.  They are for sale if interested.



  1. Great work! Are the orange-y earrings & bracelet made from citrine? I used to make jewelry when I lived in the States- I miss it!

    How much are you charging for the angel earrings?

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia

  2. the orange pieces are made of a fire ice bead. kinda looks like fractured glass but its acrylic.

    earrings are 5.oo USD plus shipping
    the set is 10.oo USD plus shipping and I will combine purchases.

  3. ooh i love those angel hangers...